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Land Management

With the combined years of our owners and leaders In-House and Field Experience we have a unique perspective as to what is going on – where many brokers have a disconnect, we thrive.  This has allowed us to effectively Manage ourselves and other Brokers in the Field and to be the single point of contact for many clients who utilize multiple brokers on the same project. We pride ourself on:

  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Effectively Manage hundreds of Landmen in different states for different clients simultaneously
  • Managing our own Landmen & Coordinating with other Brokers
  • Relaying information to other brokers so You as the client only have to One Time
  • Reviewing all Title & Leasing work prior to it being turned into you & Title Attorneys
  • Standardizing ALL Title work – looks identical
  • Imaging & Delivering ALL Data Digitally to you and Title Attorneys
  • Coordinating with you, brokers, attorneys and lessors
  • Providing a Single Update Report from Multiple Brokers – Available 24/7 in Real Time
  • Prevent overlap of Leasing and Title Work
  • All Updates are reflected on One Map
  • Linking all Maps, Reports, Updates and Documentation together for seamless functionality

Land Management Mission Statement:
Renowned Resources’ goal is to incorporate our cutting-edge technology and management expertise in a way that allows us to Interface as a Land Management Team, flawlessly executing our client’s plans through all Field Brokers under our Supervision and to become an invaluable extension of our clients Land Departments.

In all aspects of Land Management and Field Operations we will perform in a manner that Ethically & Strategically advances our clients to the forefront in any given Play.





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