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What Sets Us Apart?


  Flexibility: We effectively manage hundreds of Landmen and dozens of Firms

  Nationwide Service: Local Landmen, Imaging Teams and Traveling Landmen

  Efficiency: Lower Expenses, Higher Production and Better Talent

  Experience: Project Managers, Attorneys, J.D.'s, CPL's, CPLTA's, RPL's, DOA's and ROW Agents



Our Digital Tract Books include:
- Research Summary
- Ownership Report
- Complete Abstract
- Run Sheets
- Plats
- Tax Certificates
- Flow Charts
- Shape Files

Title Products are Digital and SEARCHABLE



  • Reports are available 24/7 through your secure client login
  • Our Reports & GIS all tie together to facilitate & show progress all aspects of the Project
  • Click on a State, County, Abstract, Section, Survey, Mineral Tract or Surface Tract
  • We can customize and deliver reports: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc….
  • ALL Reports & Documents are connected to a MAP and reflect the CURRENT Status
  • We deliver ALL Layers of GIS in one (1) Shape File
  • All work is compatible with ARC GIS & TOBIN SUITES

All of this allows you to SEE what is going on and where the greatest success and the greatest difficulties are in order to make quick changes that can save your company time & money.









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